Procedures And The Benefits They Offer You

Cosmetic Tattooing


If you have over plucked your eyebrows and are left with little or no hairs leaving no shape or definition this procedure will be great for you. Once replaced by micropigmentation the worry of drawing them in everyday will be a dim and distant memory! If you require better defined or tidier brows this can also easily be achieved. You can choose from three different methods either powdered brow which leaves a soft textured look, hair simulation which looks like natural brow hairs or block style which is a solid coloured brow.   [ Back to Top ]

Eyeliner/Eyelash Enhancement

If you are a regular wearer of eyeliner or just find you need a little more enhancement around the eyes this would be a great procedure for you. With careful precision your eyes can be dramatically defined. Once again the colour choice and thickness of the line would be your decision.   [ Back to Top ]

Lips Before Treatment

Lips After Treatment

Lip Liner and Full Colour

Micropigmentation is a great way to achieve a truly subtle and beautiful effect on your lips. With skilled application the lips would appear fuller, shapelier and more defined.   

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Beauty Spots

A perfect beauty spot can be produced using micropigmentation.   [ Back to Top ]

Meso Vytal Cell Boost Concept

This new and uniquely effective beauty treatment transports carefully balanced, highly potent beauty formulas into the deeper skin layers using a head of medical needles and causing no distress to skin or pain to client. The active substances stimulate the cells metabolism and contribute to their regeneration. There are 2 different formulas to choose from, Meso Med to reduce wrinkles and facial expression lines and Meso Fresh for younger skins containing nutrient complex. The pocess is started with a facial peel and ends with application of aftercare. Afterwards you can return to your normal skin regime and there is no need to buy expensive after products. It is recommended to have a course of 4 treatment, 5-7 days apart, and then a treatment once a month for upkeep. See Price List for latest offer.

We also have a new advanced version of this facial which includes targeting problem areas and using a cooling anti ageing face mask to complete. The results are fantastic. As with the original version, a course is recommended.

Medical Tattooing

Areola Reconstruction

The areola can be skilfully replaced after mastectomy using micropigmentation. The visual effect achieved using 3D effect on the areola and nipple complex guarantee realistic and fantastic results.   [ Back to Top ]

Cleft Lip

Reshaping of the lips can recreate a perfect lip shape and blush effect will make lips appear even, full and well balanced.   [ Back to Top ]

Scalp camouflage

Where any hair loss has occurred micropigmentation can be used to camouflage area and blend into natural hair growth.   [ Back to Top ]

Scar Treatment and Relaxing

MCA - Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation

MCA is a method of dermapigmentation developed by Dr. Adrianna Schreibner. Using a 'dry needle' technique in order to:-

  • Soften and flatten scars
  • Stimulate the natural re-colouration of a scar that is white
  • Stimulate natural re-colouration of small areas of vitiligo
  • Improve the appearance of wrinkles & stretchmarks

During this procedure the trauma applied to the skin, by the action of MCA, stimulates the production of collagen which crosses the layers of the skin to replace the epidermis. This is a comfortable procedure using the latest pain control techniques and is only undertaken after full consultation with your specialist.

Directly afterward the skin will appear scratched and lightly grazed for a few days. The patient should keep it as dry as possible for 48 hours. Once healed a noticeable difference in the skin should be achieved. It is usual for a specialist to repeat this procedure to achieve maximum results.

Other areas that can be treated include Stretch Marks, Skin Grafts, Burns and in some cases Vitiligo. Call to discuss any other areas you think could benefit from these treatments.

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Mens Procedures

Men – you are not excluded from the world of Semi Permanent Make Up! You can benefit from all of the procedures offered in the same way as ladies. Of course it can be as subtle or as strong as you desire:

  • Stronger eyebrows – shape and colour
  • Better defined eye shape

Medical tattooing can be uses as the solutions for a range of imperfections. This includes:

  1. Wrinkle improvement without the use of fillers
  2. Scar reduction and re-colouration
  3. Balancing of areolas/nipples and re-colouration
  4. Hair simulation where hair loss or scarring has occurred





Testimonial ... Bradley age 23

After losing a lot of weight two years ago I was left with ‘man boobs’ and as a result I underwent surgery to reduce them. Sadly it was really badly done and I ended up having to have further operations and liposuction. My areola/nipples lost shape and appeared disfigured; I hated them and lost all confidence. Ruth has re-applied my areolas and is working on my scars. The results are fantastic and it looks 100% better!!

Tattoo Removal

If you have a unwanted or unsightly tattoo maybe I can help. Using a revolutionary method of ink extraction developed in the USA I can remove that tattoo quicky, easily and permanently. This system uses a cream that bonds with the original tattoo ink and draws it to the skin surface. A tattoo can usually be completely removed in 3-5 sessions compared to dozens of treatments required by the laser removal method. This method can also be used for semi-permanent make up too, requiring only 1-2 sessions.